Poem with Food
Smartish Pace (forthcoming)

Wearing Sateen Cigarette Pants Reenforced at the Crotch // Marin Headlands // Immediately After
Powder Keg (Issue 13, Spring 2019)

Hildegard von Bingen at the Beach
Bat City Review (Issue 15, Spring 2019)

Don't Emit to Enquire after the Vultures    //    I Salute You from the Petrified Forest of Human Culture    //    In Increasing and Almost Total Alienation
Hysterical   (Vol 1., Winter 2018)

“All My Urges Are Manufactured Urges”
Bear Review  (Vol. 5.1, Fall 2018)

Blinding the Crocodile
the minnesota review  (Issue 91, Fall 2018)

The New-England Girl's Song About Thanksgiving Day
Yalobusha Review (Issue 27, Fall 2018)

cream city review  (Issue 42.1, Spring/Summer 2018)

Disclose the Shady Location in Which You Lurk
TYPO  (Issue 29)

The Crabapple Casts a Shadow Angel
Redivider  (Issue 15.1, Winter 2017-2018) 

Poem That Used to Have Lines from The Tempest
DIAGRAM  (Issue 18.1)

Wild Horses Couldn't    //    Bromides and Other Sedatives    //    Buying Beef Jerky Made in the Bronx       
Bone Bouquet  (Issue 8.2, Winter 2017-2018)

A Murderer Helps the Birds    //    A Murderer Walks Everywhere, Carrying a Grain of Self 
Salt Hill  (Issue 39, Fall 2017)

Reading Yehuda Amichai 
No, Dear  (Issue 19, Spring 2017)

An Alternative Suitor    //    Lines Written at a Bar as a Way to Avoid the Recently Divorced Man Sitting Next to Me  
The Journal  (Issue 41.1, Winter 2016-2017) 

And What Have You Learned from Your Training    //    A Murderer Dates    //    Nature Poem    //    Presto     //    Looking at a Photo of My Grandmother's Living Room 
Queen Mob's Teahouse  (Winter 2016-2017)

Doves    //    Strange Arm   
Prelude  (Summer 2016)

A Murderer Hides in the Woods 
Sixth Finch  (Summer 2016)

Live from the Scene    //    Description of a Field  
Colorado Review  (Issue 43.2, Summer 2016)