"Blinding the Crocodile" Minnesota Review (forthcoming)

"Wild Horses Couldn't," "Bromides and Other Sedatives," and "Buying Beef Jerky Made in the Bronx" Bone Bouquet (forthcoming)

"The Crabapple Casts a Shadow Angel" Redivider (forthcoming) 

"Poem That Used to Have Lines from The TempestDIAGRAM (forthcoming)

"A Murderer Helps the Birds" and "A Murderer Walks Everywhere, Carrying a Grain of Self" Salt Hill (Issue 39, Fall 2017)

"Reading Yehuda Amichai" No, Dear (Issue 19, Spring 2017)

"An Alternative Suitor" and "Lines Written at a Bar as a Way to Avoid the Recently Divorced Man Sitting Next to Me" The Journal (Winter 2016-2017) 

"And What Have You Learned from Your Training," "A Murderer Dates," "Nature Poem," "Presto," and "Looking at a Photo of My Grandmother's Living Room" Queen Mob's Teahouse (Winter 2016-2017)

"Doves" and "Strange Arm" Prelude (Summer 2016)

"A Murderer Hides in the Woods" Sixth Finch (Summer 2016)

"Live from the Scene" and "Description of a Field" Colorado Review (Summer 2016)